Welcome to Ural!

Greetings, dear guest and football fans! Welcome to Ekaterinburg! Sure, you'll be impressed by our architecture, affability and friendliness. You will see the city and people - is it enough to get full experience of country?

Nope. There is one more great thing to deal with - real wild NATURE of Russia. Hidden mysterious places far from roads, in deep forest. Just imagine - Ural Mountains are the OLDEST mountains on the planet! You can see and touch places of worship of ancient civilization, that much more older then Egiptyan pyramides - about 11 thousands years old!


OFF-ROAD-TAXI can provide great opportunity to visit this remarkamble places of interest in hard to reach taiga. Special off-road trucks can discover for you the real heart of wild russian nature. More then than - the trip is a great adventure by itself!

Keep in mind, that our company have very limited amount of english-speaking drivers. Please, contact us as soon as possible to book your unbelievable journey.

Chat with us: WhatsUp, Viber, Telegram +7 91224 83985

Sincerely yours, Mike (the owner)